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What You Need to Know About Buying Adjustable Beds Wholesale from Innova
December 23, 2020 at 10:30 PM
Innova has wholesale adjustable beds for every application.

Whether you’re furnishing large-scale housing or operating a proprietary retail space, it’s likely you have questions about buying wholesale adjustable beds. You want to get your money’s worth, with reliable bed frames that won’t break or lose functionality within the next decade.

When you shop for adjustable bed frames, keep in mind not only the quality of the product but also the customer support throughout the ordering process to delivery and installation.

Suppose you’re supplying large-scale housing such as dorms, training facilities, rehabs, and hospitals with adjustable beds. In that case, you need a product that can withstand high-impact usage and is intuitive enough to operate that anyone can do it.

Features to consider when choosing the right Innova adjustable bed for wholesale purchase.

Some features are consistent through all the Innova adjustable bed frame systems. We build the industry’s strongest frames and provide the best customer support from initial quote through delivery and installation. Our in-house designers and engineers are continually fine-tuning every detail of our frames to ensure our customers receive the highest quality adjustable beds. Just a few of our current models are:

  • Classic: features a wireless remote and UPS-able headboard with adjustable head and foot lift base.
  • GetGo: comes in a one-piece king with numerous features, including a wireless remote, flashlight, stored memory positions, and one-touch flat position.
  • Posh Foldable: positionable to the wall, it comes with massage features, a wireless remote, one-touch flat position, and stored memory positions.
  • Delight II: features a unique under-the-bed nightlight, plus dual massage features and stored memory features.

If you’re unsure about your needs, or if you’d like a combination of frames to outfit your facility or retail location, call the customer service experts at Innova. They’ll answer your questions and provide guidance and insight into the wholesale purchasing process.

We’ve provided adjustable beds for many specialized purposes across an array of industries. If you’re unsure about the specific features you need, we can provide insight into how each frame will operate in your enterprise.

Here’s what to expect when you place a wholesale order for Innova Adjustable Beds.

The process begins when you talk with one of our wholesale experts on the phone or visit our showroom at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. By working with our customer service experts, you can customize the bed base and features, plus the fabric type and color. After you place an order, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ningbo, China, goes to work.

We’re able to streamline the manufacturing process and pass the savings onto our wholesale customers. We transport your order to one of our warehouses in California, Florida, Texas, or Tennessee from China. The bed frames then depart the warehouse for delivery to your store, housing, or facility.

Our industry-leading bed frames are competitively priced, making us the preferred-supplier for government and education facilities. The exceptional quality and the superior comfort of our beds are why you frequently see Innova bed frames across hospitals and the hospitality industry. Our diverse catalog is guaranteed to have the perfect adjustable beds for your wholesale order, no matter your industry or budget.

Reach out to our customer service experts today if you’re interested in buying Innova adjustable beds wholesale.

As the international leader in wholesale bed manufacturing, we have the experience and unfailing dedication to quality to meet your wholesale adjustable bed needs. You can find Innova beds in hospitals, government facilities, educational premises, and throughout the hospitality industry.

We’re set apart from the competition by the strongest frames in the industry, in-house design and engineering teams, and full control of all phases of manufacturing. We have locations around the world, so we can be responsive to issues and from order to delivery. Get in touch to learn more about Innova’s wholesale adjustable beds.