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Upgrade Your Bedroom with an Adjustable USA King Bed
April 27, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Adjustable USA king beds make it easier to get a better night's sleep.

According to recent studies, an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans struggle with some sort of sleep-related problem. Whether it’s difficulties falling asleep, waking up throughout the night, or suffering from chronic sleep deprivation, lacking the ability to get a good night’s rest is highly problematic.

How well you sleep has a direct impact on your overall wellbeing, so it’s understandable why so many individuals are searching for ways to eliminate these problems. If you’re one of them, continue reading to learn how you can upgrade your bedroom and improve your sleep with an adjustable USA king bed.

Benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

Bolster the strength of your immunity system.

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation in 2020, people are more conscious about protecting their bodies from harmful viruses and disease-carrying germs. Getting the recommended amount of sleep each night is one easy way to do that. When you sleep soundly throughout the night, your immune cells and proteins get the rest they need. That means they’ll be better prepared to fight off any illness or viruses during your waking hours.

Improve your mental capacities.

Many people are familiar with that feeling of grogginess when waking up after not getting quality sleep. It makes it difficult to focus or think clearly, and it’s the direct result of the lack of sleep. When you get a full night’s rest, you can think more clearly and focus more easily. This will help you perform better at school and work and make it easier to retain new information.

Help prevent weight gain.

While you won’t actively lose weight simply by getting a whole eight hours of sleep each night, failing to get a quality night’s rest can increase the odds of putting on some extra pounds. That’s because when you’re sleep-deprived, your body starts producing more hormones that increase your appetite while simultaneously decreasing the number of appetite-suppressing hormones. This makes it more likely that you’ll want to indulge in unnecessary snacking.

How an adjustable USA king bed can improve your sleep.

Improves relaxation.

One of the most significant benefits of an adjustable USA king bed is that you can position it in a way that allows you to enjoy optimal relaxation while preparing for sleep. Whether you are watching some late-night TV or reading your favorite novel, you can easily keep your upper body elevated. This eliminates the strain that keeps people awake and allows you to comfortably drift off to sleep each night.

Makes it easier to breathe.

People who suffer from sleep apnea or are dealing with a head cold or allergies often wake up throughout the night because of issues breathing. An adjustable USA king bed can help alleviate this problem. By elevating the top half of your body, you can open up your airways and reduce the pressure on your sinuses, so you can sleep soundly without interruptions.

Alleviates aches and pains.

Anyone who suffers from back pain or sore joints and ligaments understands how these issues make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. You have to constantly adjust throughout the night to alleviate the pain, or you might not be able to fall asleep to begin with. An adjustable bed allows you to find the most ergonomic position to reduce pain and tenderness and bolster your overall comfort.

Are you ready to upgrade your bedroom?

Then reach out to our team here at Innova Sleep Systems. We’re reinventing the way the world sleeps with our adjustable USA king beds. We offer a wide variety of high-quality adjustable models at an affordable price, and they’re all backed by one of the industry’s best manufacturer’s warranty. You can browse our great selection online, or simply send us a message with any questions you may have.