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The perks of buying an adjustable bed for senior citizens
January 31, 2021 at 6:00 AM
Photo of an adjustable bed designed for senior citizens.

As we get older, our bodies have a hard time adjusting to a flat bed when we go to sleep. Our level of comfort reduces as our bodies may feel stiff and sore getting out of bed each day. We’ve created a solution in the form of adjustable beds for senior citizens.

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed offers customizable support and is similar to a hospital bed. The bed can be controlled to raise or lower areas where the head, feet, or back lay. Our beds are technologically-advanced to offer customers the ability to control their comfort.

Not only can you sleep peacefully all night long with one of our adjustable beds, but you’ll also experience the extra perks of using one:

Relief of body pains

Injuries and illnesses among seniors can cause debilitating pains throughout the body. Back pain, fibromyalgia, and joint pain are just a few of the reasons why it can be painful for seniors to use a conventional bed.

An adjustable bed for senior citizens can help elevate the body into a position that addresses and relieves their chronic pain, whether from the head or the feet. By adjusting the bed, the pressure is taken off of the body parts where the pain originates. Additionally, an adjustable bed can improve posture, which will promote certain pain relief and reduce strain in the hips, back, and shoulders throughout the day.

Get in and out of bed easier

Getting in and out of bed is hard for many seniors because of the range of motion their body must move to adjust to the height and flatness of the bed. With an adjustable bed, seniors have an easier time getting in and out of bed by making adjustments that help them sit up or heighten the level of the bed from the ground.

Prevent acid reflux

Acid reflux not only causes internal damage, but it can also make it significantly harder to sleep. Adjustable beds can elevate head positions to prevent the oncoming of acid reflux. If you are a senior with acid reflux, lying completely flat causes acid to rise and pool near the esophagus, causing pain in the chest and esophageal lining damage.

A bed lifted as little as five inches allows prevents stomach acid from traveling into the esophagus. Using a pillow to lift the head isn’t a permanent solution as you move your head and pillow throughout your sleep. Instead, you can adjust your entire mattress for a permanent lift.

Improve airflow

When you lay flat, your windpipe can close due to the weight of the neck pushing down. The reduction of airflow causes snoring, which can lead to possible medical problems. The unpleasant sound can also disrupt the sleeping patterns of the snorer and sleeping partners. Adjusting a bed by raising it into more of an upright position allows the windpipe to open and reduces the pressure on the trachea.

Improve blood circulation

Seniors can manage symptoms related to health conditions such as poor blood circulation with adjustable beds. Lifting the upper back can improve the blood circulation affected by mobility issues like edema. Seniors can further improve blood circulation by lifting the bed so that the lower part of the body is positioned above the heart level.

We’re improving sleep for senior citizens everywhere

At Innova Sleep System, our adjustable beds, bed frames, and bed bases offer seniors all across the United States and Canada a better night’s sleep at an affordable cost. Each product is made with high-quality materials and can be made custom for wholesale and manufacturing.

See our reinvention of the way the world sleeps on adjustable beds by visiting our showroom in Las Vegas or reach out to us to learn more about our products.