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Should I buy an adjustable bed?
October 30, 2020 at 4:00 AM
innova sleep systems adjustable bed

So you’ve been thinking about an adjustable bed, and wonder if it might be the right choice for you.

Whether you’re dealing with snoring, digestion issues, back pain, or you just want to upgrade your sleeping arrangement, an adjustable bed from Innova Sleep Systems could be a great investment.

But first things first - what exactly is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is a mattress with an electric-powered bed frame that can manipulate your sleeping position in many different ways. From lifting up the head of the bed to creating more lumbar support at the foot of the bed, you’ll love the many options you have when you can adjust your mattress position.

Adjustable beds work great for all kinds of people, especially those who have various health issues. They are also ideal for seniors that need a little more help getting out of bed in the morning, or people recovering from surgery.

Here’s some more information about various ways Innova Sleep Systems adjustable beds can help with addressing common health issues.

Adjustable beds help relieve digestive troubles.

People with digestive issues such as acid reflux or GERD often have a hard time finding a good sleeping position. An adjustable bed will help those with digestive issues by providing an elevated upper body position so your body processes food more easily. When you’re elevated, you won’t experience any acid backsplash when you sleep.

People recovering from surgery often need adjustable beds to stay comfortable.

Many people recovering from major surgery are not able to sit up or get out of bed as easily. But an adjustable bed allows them to sit up with the push of a button. This can help prevent injury and allow them to have a bit more control while they are getting better.

Adjustable beds help improve snoring and sleep apnea.

When blocked or swollen airways cause snoring or sleep apnea, one of the first things a doctor will recommend is an elevated sleeping position for the upper body. This is why an adjustable bed is a great solution for snoring and sleep apnea since it allows you to elevate your head while you sleep. You can also adjust the foot of the bed to your comfort level so that your back is well supported.

Get relief from chronic back pain.

How many times have you tweaked your back and discovered it was worse the next morning? With an adjustable bed, you’ll have more than enough upper and lower back support while you sleep. So you’ll be able to get a good night's sleep without furthering any back issues.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to have a comfortable place to sleep. Whether you’re a senior, recovering from an injury, or managing digestive issues, using an adjustable bed is a great way to make sure you get the rest you need.

Innova Sleep Systems provides various adjustable bed options, with upper and lower back support as well as massage options and even light features. We are proud of the high-quality products we provide our customers and are always focused on providing the best adjustable bed options on the market.

Curious about Innova Sleep Systems adjustable bed options? Contact us today to learn more.