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5 Reasons to Switch to a Motion Bed
May 23, 2022 at 9:00 PM
Image of a stylish motion bed offering custom features.

When you’re purchasing wholesale beds for your facility, there are a lot of different aspects to keep in mind, from comfort to durability. There’s a common misconception that you have to choose between luxury, affordability, and longevity in beds. With the right manufacturer, you can get beds that meet all your needs, including providing comfort for your patients or tenants while performing like brand new for years. If your facility hasn’t used motion beds before, consider these five reasons to switch.

Motion beds support improved circulation.

With traditional bed systems, the body’s pressure against the mattress can restrict blood flow. Using a motion bed allows the fine-tuned adjustment to create even circulation through the body.

For individuals experiencing injury or illness, adjusting the bed’s position can fine-tune blood flow to support healing and recovery. While many things go into a comfortable night’s sleep, motion beds help to eliminate pressure points and stiffness upon waking.

Reduce leg swelling.

When people sleep on their backs, fluid can accumulate in certain areas of the body, including the legs. Swelling can be more severe for those in recovery after an illness. One of the best ways to support recovery and eliminate excessive swelling in the legs is with a motion bed that allows sleepers to adjust the position of the bed to eliminate low points.

Sleeping with raised legs also helps people who work on their feet to get more restful sleep and avoid the development of varicose veins. You can support better sleep for your residents by providing adjustable beds.

Support to get out of bed for injured and recovering individuals.

Getting up from a completely prone position can be a challenge for anyone, even more so for aging or injured individuals. Switching from a traditional bed to a motion bed can allow less-mobile residents of your facility more independence and mobility without needing to call for assistance.

Motion beds let sleepers adjust the height of the frame to make it easier to stand up from a higher position rather than from being entirely prone. Changing the frame height makes it effortless to get in and out of bed, even for sore and strained muscles.

Customize bed frame features.

When you work directly with a manufacturer to order motion beds, you can customize the frame features to meet your facility’s needs, from medical to educational and governmental. Motion beds are better able to meet the diverse and changing needs of residents than traditional, stationary beds.

At Innova Sleep Systems, because we’re a manufacturer as well as a wholesaler, we can customize the color of the bed base to match your facility and the fabrics used in the mattress. We can also customize unique features for customers and retailers, including wireless remotes, stored bed positions, and massage features.

Improved sleep for patients and residents.

Whatever your facility, the improved quality of sleep for your patients and residents can make a substantial difference in your reputation and ability to deliver high-quality services and exceed standards of care.

Minor adjustments in the positioning of the mattress can make a big difference, especially when residents can improve their circulation, eliminate swelling in the legs, and get in and out of bed unassisted.

Contact Innova Sleep Systems if you’re thinking about switching to a motion bed and want to learn more.

We’re reinventing the way the world sleeps on adjustable beds. Innova Sleep Systems manufactures the world’s most comfortable motion beds with the strongest frames so they can survive in the hospitality industry, hospitals, and educational facilities. We constantly fine-tune our designs for ongoing improvement, regardless of where our bed systems are. Our attention to detail means there are no exposed moving parts or wires. Every component is easy to access and replace when repairs are necessary.

Contact Innova Sleep Systems if you want to switch to motion beds for your facility.