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Medical Reasons People Need Full-Size Adjustable Beds
August 21, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Medical Reasons People Need Full-Size Adjustable Beds

For most of modern history, beds and mattresses have been flat and rectangular. However, within the past decade, there’s been a shift in incorporating technology into mattresses and bases to make them more comfortable.

While some people may not want an adjustable bed, there are many situations where a person might wish to purchase one. We’ll explain several medical reasons why people may need a full-size adjustable bed.

1. Chronic pain

Most people suffer from chronic pain during their lifetime. Part of it is because people age and get older, and another aspect is that people get injured or have medical issues that affect their muscles, bones, or joints.

A full-size adjustable bed is an excellent option for those with chronic pain — such as in the back, hip, or shoulder. When you’re able to adjust your bed into a particular spot, it can help alleviate pain and provide relief. That could also lessen the need for painkillers and help you sleep more comfortably.

When it comes to adjustable beds, you can also choose the firmness of your mattress. You can increase or decrease the firmness of your mattress via remote controls. Some beds are so high-tech that they allow you to adjust each side of the bed separately, so you and your significant other can sleep comfortably.

2. Acid reflux

Almost everyone suffers from acid reflux at one point or another. And typically, a simple antacid can calm gastric distress. But for those who live with acid reflux daily, laying flat for a few hours after eating can cause significant problems.

Getting an adjustable bed is one way of dealing with acid reflux. By sitting in bed instead of lying down, you can avoid upsetting your stomach.

3. Breathing issues

When people are sick and battling a cough or stuffy nose, they tend to sit up and pack pillows behind their back. While this only happens occasionally for some people, others may have chronic breathing problems where this is part of their everyday lives. Having a full-size adjustable bed can help asthma, COPD, and emphysema because you can adjust the bed to the position you want.

4. Restricted circulation

If you are lying flat and don’t have an adjustable bed, your heart is working double time to fight gravity. This is because the heart is using veins to pump blood down to your feet and fighting gravity on the way back up. Those who have problems with restricted circulation or swollen feet may want to purchase an adjustable bed. That’s because adjustable beds can raise the feet or head, assisting circulation.

5. Recovery from surgery

If you have had a recent surgery or are planning one in the coming months, adjustable beds can address many of the problems you may face. Full-size adjustable beds can help you get into comfortable positions easily and help you get in and out of bed. You can also control the bed to sit up if you need to eat or take your meals in bed.

While your surgery may only need to happen once, many people require multiple surgeries in their lifetime, making the investment in an adjustable bed worth it in the long term.

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