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Introducing Innova Sleep Systems
September 30, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Explore Innova Sleep Systems' high-quality, adjustable bed bases

We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed. Shouldn’t our time spent lying down be done as comfortably and restoratively as possible? We at Innova Sleep Systems believe our beds should be bastions for rejuvenation and comfort. That’s why we’re reinventing the way the world sleeps on adjustable beds.

We understand that not everyone sleeps the same, and everyone has their own preferred position to sleep in. That’s why we’re convinced that our adjustable base models give our customers the chance to dial in their optimal sleep position, giving them the quality, restorative sleep they deserve, night after night. Here’s what separates us from the rest.

Why choose Innova Sleep Systems for unrivaled comfort?

Our beds should be places where the cares of being awake fade away as we drift off to sleep. But most conventional bed frames don’t offer us the chance to select the positions that deliver that option. Innova is different; our adjustable bases offer luxurious, memorable sleep for everyone who sleeps on one of our customizable sleep systems.

While we promise to deliver luxurious sleep, we’re also determined to make this an option for as many people as possible. That’s why our adjustable bed bases come in at prices that won’t keep you up at night. So, whether you’re looking for wireless, UPS-able head and foot lifts or a foldable, repositionable bed, you can rest assured knowing that you can get the customizable comfort you deserve for a reasonable price.

What sets Innova apart

While other manufacturers only offer their products to select industries, we’re proud to make our beds available to a wider audience. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to quality at each step of the design and construction process. We take full control of each phase of the manufacturing process, which includes:

  • Purchasing all raw materials
  • Choosing the top motors, remotes, and fabrics
  • Welding and steel frames
  • All assembly considerations
  • Writing, editing, and designing user manuals
  • Completing proper packaging to ensure your base arrives in mint condition
  • Shipping methods

But before we begin selecting materials, our in-house design and engineering teams pour over each aspect of the design and manufacturing stages to ensure all components are up to our rigorous standards. This means that, when you choose Innova, you can rest peacefully knowing that your bed frame was designed, manufactured, and delivered with your care in mind.

Wholesale broadens our reach

We want our beds to support as many backs and industries as possible. That’s why we’re proud to provide our sleep systems at competitive prices. Not only does this allow us to reach as many spaces as possible, but it also gives our retailers a competitive advantage against other brands.

We lead the international industry in our innovative sleep systems, offering the strongest frames available. We’re so sure that our beds will meet the needs of our customers that we subject each one to rigorous tests to ensure no detail goes unnoticed.

So, whether you’re considering Innova for the hospitality industry, as a proprietary retailer, hospital, government, or educational space, trust that you’re receiving the top model for your industry.

Rest easy with Innova Sleep Systems

With industry-leading bed frames, Innova has changed the way people around the world sleep. If you’re ready to experience the Innova difference, reach out to us today to learn how you can get Innova in your facility.