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How to Tell If You Need an Adjustable Queen Bed
September 2, 2021 at 11:00 PM
Well-rested woman getting up from bed and stretching.

When it’s time for a new bed, you can instantly tell. It’s hard to enjoy sleep as much as you previously did, or at least you have an inclination it could be better. And, with the right replacement, you can finally enjoy great sleep, as so many Innova Sleep Systems customers do.

But, in your case, should this new bed be an adjustable queen bed?

If the below describes you, that would definitely be one of the best options.

You want to improve the quality of your sleep.

Adjustable beds have several ways of making it easier to get deeper and more restful sleep. For one, when you elevate your head slightly and raise your knees above heart level, you encourage yourself to fall asleep faster.

And, a memory foam mattress speeds that up even more.

A conversation with a sleep expert can confirm whether this is the option for helping you enjoy quality sleep and wake up rested and energetic.

You’d like to do something about your snoring.

Snoring can be a bit worrisome, especially when you’re being considerate about your partner’s quality of sleep. But its cause is quite simple, and it’s one that’s easily addressed by an adjustable bed.

See, you snore when there’s air blockage between your mouth and lungs, which causes tissue to vibrate and emit the snoring sound. With the press of one button or just a few on an adjustable bed’s remote, you can raise your head. And that goes a long way in relieving the pressure and reducing snoring.

You like spending prolonged periods in bed.

Of course, we’re talking about prolonged periods outside of when you’re asleep. Maybe regularly enjoying breakfast in bed, catching up on your favorite shows, reading, or having some pre-bedtime relaxation. The options are too many to name, but they all require the right posture for your comfort and enjoyment.

And, with an adjustable bed, you can elevate your head or the lower sections of your body to achieve those exact angles.

In terms of the size needed for any of those light, bed-appropriate activities, an adjustable queen bed offers plenty.

You want to reduce acid reflux symptoms.

While we all know sleeping on our stomach isn’t good for us, it’s often a common and understandable mistake — especially after a long and tiring day. However, it does worsen acid reflux symptoms. And having your upper body slightly raised reduces the amount of acid entering the esophagus, helping to manage symptoms.

You’d like to relieve chronic pain.

There are times when an adjustable bed is more than a luxury. And the most common is when you have painful medical conditions such as arthritis and sciatica that cause chronic pain.

A bed with a foot lift can help relieve pressure on aching joints, which helps with managing the pain. The addition of a quality mattress gives further relief by providing contouring and supporting spinal alignment in all sleep positions.

No health decision should come without your doctor’s input. But medical experts advise adjustable beds as a pain-relieving solution to many, and you might be among them. So ask.

Discover how adjustable queen beds can increase your sleep quality and comfort.

Our team’s eager to discuss adjustable beds with you in more detail and help you see where and how they can improve your life. If you’re interested in learning more, please call us now at 1 (877) 386-1373. Or you can email us at Alternatively, leave us a message using our contact form.