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How are Adjustable Bed Bases Manufactured?
July 23, 2023 at 4:00 AM
<strong>How are Adjustable Bed Bases Manufactured?</strong>

Adjustable bed bases represent the foundation of high-quality sleep systems. Also known as power bases, these innovative platforms allow users to elevate the head and foot to customize comfort and support. With cordless remote controls and programmable positions, today's adjustable bases feel lightyears beyond old-fashioned hospital beds. But how exactly are these high-tech sleep solutions made?

As an international manufacturer of adjustable bed systems for over 20 years, the experts at Innova Sleep Systems understand the nuanced engineering and production process required to build durable, reliable bed bases. In this article, we will examine the step-by-step creation of adjustable bed bases at our state-of-the-art facilities.

Design and prototyping

Innova's skilled product development team starts by identifying customer needs and drafting plans for new adjustable base systems. Using 3D modeling software, our engineers design each component to optimize strength, function, and ergonomics in the finished product. We rapid prototype multiple concepts using 3D printing, allowing rapid refinement before manufacturing begins.

Thoughtful design paired with feedback from prototype testing ensures our adjustable bed bases will perform for years while providing customized comfort and support.

Material sourcing and production

Constructing quality adjustable bed bases requires robust raw materials able to withstand repeated movement and strain. At Innova, we source strong yet lightweight metals for the frame, powder coat for maximum durability, and flexible fabrics that resist wear and tear.

Our domestic and overseas facilities use state-of-the-art technology to produce bed base components to our stringent specifications. Laser cutting and metal bending equipment shape steel frames with precision. Computer-controlled machines expertly apply attractive, protective finishes. Our FoamCare technology creates pressure-relieving comfort layers.

Sub-assembly and inspection

Once components are fabricated, our production line begins sub-assembling the inner workings of each base. This includes attaching power lift motors, connecting wiring, installing massage modules, and attaching moving parts. Skilled technicians carefully inspect each part at multiple stations, rejecting any with flaws.

Thorough sub-assembly streamlines final construction while allowing comprehensive component testing first. Our strict quality control standards ensure every adjustable bed base meets Innova's high benchmark.

Final assembly and packaging

Fully inspected frames, motors, and fabric covers come together in final assembly. Following comprehensive instructions, workers efficiently piece together each base by hand, adding luxury features like USB ports or underbed lighting as needed.

Once constructed, the finished bases are electronically tested to confirm all functions operate correctly. We tightly package each bed base in cardboard and protective foam to prevent any damage during shipping. Our final quality assurance checks guarantee your adjustable base will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

Customer delivery and setup

Large freight carriers transport Innova's adjustable bed bases directly to retailers or end users across the country. Upon arrival, owners simply unbox their beds and plug them in for immediate use. An easy-to-follow owner's manual guides assembly of any included mattress platform.

Syncing the wireless remote connects it to the bed's control box. Customers can immediately enjoy their new power base's zero gravity, massage, and infinite recline settings for superior relaxation and sleep. No special skills or tools needed!

Innovative design and craftsmanship

From initial sketches to final delivery, Innova Sleep Systems' two decades of expertise in engineering and manufacturing adjustable bed bases shines through at every step. Our commitment to thoughtful design, quality materials, strict tolerances, and extensive testing results in power bases that provide years of customized comfort and support.

Get in touch with Innova Sleep Systems to learn more about bed base manufacturing!

At Innova Sleep Systems, every adjustable bed base is meticulously designed, crafted, and inspected to provide a lifetime of customized comfort and support. Starting with 3D prototyping and ending with final delivery, our two decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise is infused into each base.

Next time you effortlessly elevate your head to read or legs to relieve pressure, remember the thoughtful process that went into creating a power base to elevate your sleep. Innova Sleep Systems is passionate about building the world’s most innovative and durable adjustable bed bases. Contact us today to find the custom bed base of your dreams!