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How bed frames and mattresses have changed over time
February 7, 2022 at 10:00 AM
Adjustable queen bed frame and mattress in a white bedroom

Bed frames and mattresses have been used for thousands of years, however, the comfortable beds that we sleep in today took a great deal of trial and error to achieve. At Innova Sleep Systems, we are passionate about providing our customers with the perfect night’s sleep by offering a variety of innovative, adjustable products using the latest technology.

Here we are delving into the fascinating history of beds and how we have advanced towards the high-quality sleep solutions that we currently have. If you have ever wondered what people were sleeping on thousands of years ago, continue reading to learn about the evolution of bed frames and mattresses.

Natural beginnings

Long before the production of fabrics such as cotton and polyester, the ancient Romans and Egyptians were already thinking about how to make their resting hours more comfortable. Approximately 80,000 years ago, this was done using natural materials such as grass, leaves, and the hair of various animals. To seal the loose cushioning materials, mattress producers would simply lay the skin of an animal overtop. Later, this was done using more practical materials such as cloth.

The concept of the bed frame however, did not come to fruition until approximately 3000-5000 years ago. By this time, we had access to sturdy building materials such as wooden planks and metals. These building materials were used to create the fir​​st bed frames, however, the ancients were still primarily using natural materials to stuff their mattresses.

A sign of luxury

In the 1300s, the bedroom became a place where homeowners could display their wealth to onlookers. As the centerpiece of the bedroom, the bed was of particular interest when designing this space. We began to see towering bed posts attached to hand-carved wooden frames, paired with other extravagant decor.

At this time, mattresses also became more comfortable as producers started to use feathers and manmade fabrics to construct them. It was not until the 20th century that the innerspring mattress became commonplace. This model is still used today to support the body. However, the earliest innerspring mattresses were still being padded with natural cushioning materials such as horse hair, straw, and feathers.

The introduction of foam

During the mid-20th century, the foam mattress was invented and quickly became one of the most popular sleep products. At this time, bedroom designs were becoming far more modest with most homeowners opting for a simple wooden bed frame and basic mattress. The primary focus was getting a good night’s sleep.

Plastic materials such as polyurethane and latex were used to formulate a soft, yet supportive style of mattress. Today, innerspring and foam mattresses are still the two major contenders in the world of mattresses. However, the more research that is done surrounding sleep health, the more we are seeing the importance of body positioning. Modern bed frames and mattresses are therefore becoming much less about the materials used to create them and more about adjustability.

Adjustable bed frames and mattresses

Historically, the wrong type of mattress has been the source of many muscular problems resulting in back pain, reduced mobility, and other forms of discomfort. For this reason, adjustable bed frames and mattresses are becoming increasingly popular. With these innovative bed models, people are receiving the support their bodies need and increasing their sleep health exponentially. At Innova Sleep Systems, products such as our adjustable queen bed frame and mattress are entering more and more homes across North America.

Are you looking for a modern sleep solution to replace your current bed frame and mattress? Browse our wide range of top-rated products or contact our team for more information.