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4 ways Innova Sleep Systems beds for senior citizens are different
December 2, 2021 at 7:00 AM
4 ways Innova Sleep Systems beds for senior citizens are different

Anybody who’s shopped for a new bed understands that they’re not all the same. Beyond the mattress itself, the bed frame or base is an integral part of ensuring that your bed is comfortable and serviceable every night you go to lay down to sleep. At Innova Sleep Systems, we take a good night’s sleep seriously, so we offer a series of adjustable beds ideal for senior citizens. You can learn more about what makes our bed bases different from others in the industry by reading our short guide below.

Diversity in design

Sleeping on an adjustable bed base means more than simply having the ability to prop your head or legs up when you’re having trouble sleeping at night. There are often certain angles that work before for some than others, while you and your partner might not agree on an angle to raise the bed. Our systems are available in various designs that are meant to fit your needs and budget. Consider a bed base that allows you to raise your head alone or both your head and feet. The choice is yours, and we have bed bases available to suit your needs.

Durability and stability

In shopping for bed bases, you’ll find that they often vary in durability and stability. The last thing you want is to be getting into bed at night and the legs on your bed buckle and the base collapses. We’re proud to share that our adjustable bed bases are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Ningbo, China. We use high-quality materials that yield durable products so that you can be confident in the integrity of your bed. Additionally, we perform rigorous testing to verify that every bed meets our high standards of excellence.


Not everybody is looking for the same functions when shopping for an adjustable bed. The ability to raise their head at night to calm snoring or breathe easier is enough for some. Others might need to raise their head and legs at night to ease back or hip pain. Not all couples can agree on an angle to raise their head, so a split-head bed base allows the two sides of the bed to adjust to different levels. We offer bed bases that come with a memory feature for those who have their favorite spots to raise their head and feet.

In addition to our adjustable features, we provide massage features that can help you relax after a long day. For those who have additional needs, we have options for hospital-style bed bases as hi-low units that can adjust the height of your bed.

Custom manufacturing

Our customers can feel comfortable knowing that our beds for senior citizens not only go through rigorous testing but also offer custom manufacturing of bed bases for each order. We’ll take into account the features you’re looking for with your bed and make necessary adjustments to fit your needs. Our diversity in design is what allows us to provide you with the perfect solution to a good night’s sleep.

Contact us to get started

Don’t wait another night to get the good night’s sleep that you deserve. Get in touch with our team at Innova Sleep Systems so you can learn more about our beds for senior citizens and why they’re different from others on the market. Give us a call at 877-386-1373 or send a message using our online contact form. We can address all your inquiries directly via a phone call or email. If you’re in the area, visit our Las Vegas showroom, where we have a wide selection of products you can see for yourself.