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Support Your Parents With Adjustable Beds for Senior Citizens
February 19, 2021 at 11:00 PM
beds for senior citizens can help grandparents feel their best

When we were young, we could leap out of any bed to tackle the day; it didn’t matter if it was a futon, couch, or worn-out hand-me-down mattress. But as we get older, our bodies don’t bounce back as quickly from stress and mistreatment. To feel our best, a comfortable night of rest is essential. High-quality sleep is particularly crucial for our parents, who need more support as they age. Beds designed for senior citizens provide adjustable support to help them feel their best.

Keep reading to find out how changing your parents’ bed base can help them maintain their vitality as they age.

How can beds for seniors support my parents?

Traditional bed bases depend on high-quality mattresses to provide a good night’s sleep. Because they have fixed positions, they don’t adjust for distinctive sleep positions or make it easier to get in and out of bed. Adjustable bed bases work with seniors to support their unique needs for posture, height, and even massage.

The result is restful, restorative sleep and an easier time getting in and out of bed every day. Beds for seniors can ease some top sleep issues older people face:

  • Problems with mobility: adjustable bed heights meet seniors at their comfort level to make transitions (moving from standing to sitting or sitting to lying down) easier.
  • Trouble sleeping flat: many seniors have trouble sleeping without their heads raised. Adjustable beds help them find and maintain comfortable sleep positions with easy one-touch controls and remotes.
  • Discomfort spending time in bed: as seniors get older, they may spend more time in bed. Beds for seniors offer massage features, helping to ease pressure and improve circulation.

Adjustable bed bases offer seniors more features to help them get and stay comfortable while they’re in bed, plus easier accessibility during transitions. The result is your parents getting higher-quality rest.

These are some standard adjustable bed base features.

At Innova Sleep Systems, we offer a wide range of queen and king-size beds for seniors. A diverse range of industries uses our products, including healthcare, hospitality, and government and educational facilities. They rely on us for exceptional quality and durability, which is what your parents can count on as well.

  • Stored memory positions: easily adjust the bed from daytime to night or change positions during the night with the stored position features.
  • One-touch flat: never struggle to make the bed or return it to default with the one-touch system.
  • Included remotes: for seniors with mobility and dexterity issues, the remote makes it easy to change positions and make adjustments while in bed.
  • Massage units: this simple feature turns any bed into a luxurious experience with included massage units to improve circulation and relax sore muscles.
  • Lumbar support: get your parents the specific support they need with added lumbar features to some bed bases.

The Innova Sleep System team members are experts in beds for seniors. They know our products’ diverse range of options intimately and can match your parents with a bed base that has the ideal features they need.

Contact Innova Sleep Systems for help to select the perfect bed for senior citizens.

We offer a full line of adjustable sleep systems for a range of applications and needs. Our customer care experts will help find the ideal bed for your parents to help them get a restful night’s sleep and have an easier time getting in and out of bed. Whether your priorities are accessibility, adjustability, or easy remote and one-touch features, we’ll help you find a bed base for luxurious, memorable sleep.

Reach out with our easy online form to learn more about our range of products and speak with a customer service team member.