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What to Look For in a Bed From Adjustable Bed Manufacturers
March 23, 2022 at 5:00 AM
What to Look For in a Bed From Adjustable Bed Manufacturers

Adjustable bed bases are on the rise. From hotels to college dorms, adjustable bed frames are being used to replace older, traditional bed frames that don’t offer modern-day features.

And for good reason! An adjustable bed base provides a unique experience and uses for the people who own one. Since the position in which you sleep can impact your health over time, it's important to have a bed frame that supports your posture, while also keeping you comfortable.

But if you’ve never purchased an adjustable bed base before, what exactly should you be looking for? Who should you buy one from? And what features do high-quality adjustable bed bases come with?

While an adjustable bed base is a big upgrade to your quality of life, it's important to understand what value manufacturers should offer before making a purchase.

How does the bed feel?

Manufacturers who prioritize quality design and engineering of their bed bases are easy to identify. When you’re trying out the bed and adjusting it, how responsive is the bed? Does it move smoothly from one position to another? How much noise does the bed make as it moves?

Ask yourself these questions as you’re trying out different manufacturers’ beds, and hear what the in-store salesperson has to say.

A smooth, quiet adjustable bed frame is often synonymous with a quality manufacturer.

Build quality and design

Good, reliable adjustable bed bases are often the combined work of engineers, doctors, or scientists. How much input did these professionals have in the final design and build? While lumbar support is a great feature on paper, if the bed doesn’t align with your spine, you aren’t getting the most out of its adjustability.

Look around at the materials used for the bed base. Does the base seem sturdy? Does it fit your personal tastes? These are all things to consider with a manufacturer’s bed base.


Of course, you want the best features from your adjustable bed base. While entry-level bases let you adjust the head and foot, more sophisticated bases have neck support, and even allow you to split the base.

Splitting the base means that one side of the bed is independent of the other. If you share a bed with a sleeping partner, this is an important feature to think about. Everyone sleeps in their own unique position, so being able to adjust your side without affecting your partner's ensures both of your needs are met.

Additionally, a quality adjustable bed base will come with an easy-to-use remote control. For the best experience, you’ll probably want a remote that’s wireless. Or, you can look for a bed base that even connects to an app on your smartphone!

Warranties and service

Before you make your purchase, be sure to learn about any warranties or services that the manufacturer offers. A reputable company should have clear warranties established for their bed bases, and will service it if any defects arise.

Additionally, you can call the customer service department to learn about how they handle customer inquiries and requests. This is a good way to learn how a company might treat your situation should you ever need their assistance.

Innova Sleep Systems: Adjustable Bed Manufacturers You Can Trust

At Innova Sleep Systems, we offer customized bed bases and features that suit your specific needs. Whether you contact our customer service experts or visit our showroom in Las Vegas, we’re here to provide you with state-of-the-art sleep solutions.

No matter your industry or budget, we have a wide selection of bed bases to accommodate exactly what you’re looking for.

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