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Can an Adjustable Bed Base Help With Better Sleep?
March 31, 2021 at 4:00 AM
This is an image of an adjustable bed base.

We can all agree that a good night’s sleep is one of the greatest things we can have. An adjustable bed base may be your ticket for better sleep! Waking up rested improves your mood, gives you the energy you need to face the day, and is beneficial to your overall health. But the sad reality is that not everyone can attain this type of quality sleep. We examine whether adjustable bed bases can help those who are in search of a good night’s rest.

What Is an Adjustable Bed Base?

Simply put, an adjustable bed base gives you the freedom to adjust the positioning of your bed, from inclining the upper body to raising the lower body. While adjustable bed bases are common in hospitals, they are making their way into homes across the country due to the comfort and therapeutic solutions they provide.

Massage Features

One of the reasons people have a hard time falling asleep is letting go of the day and getting into the mindset of restfulness. We’ve all been there - the day’s events are rushing through your head and even though you know you need to fall asleep to be rested for the next day, sleep eludes you. That’s where massage comes in. Its relaxing properties can help unwind at the end of the day as well as start the next morning with a gentle vibration.

Under-Bed Light

Our brains naturally react to bright light as a signal to wake up. For those midnight trips to the bathroom or the kitchen, turning on the bedroom lights can interrupt your sleep and make it difficult to fall asleep again. An under-bed light is a gentle way to provide the visibility you need without the glaring brightness of your usual lights.

Split-Head Bed Base

Often our bed partners have different needs and sleeping patterns than us. This difference can contribute to the disturbance of sleep, but a split-head bed base can be a great solution. When your partner needs a different degree of elevation than you, a split-level head base allows you to adjust only his or her side of the bed as needed.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

To help you reduce the occurrence of snoring and sleep apnea, an adjustable bed base may be just the thing! Sleeping in an elevated position can help with both snoring and sleep apnea. Adjustable bed bases can help you find that perfect position and aid with uninterrupted, restful sleep. Your bed partner will appreciate this as well.

Why Innova Sleep Systems?

It’s no coincidence that our name has the word ‘Sleep’ in it! We’re on a mission to provide the world with deeper and better sleep, one adjustable bed base at a time. Our state-of-the-art beds are made using a thorough manufacturing and testing process that uses high-quality materials and innovative designs. As well as providing bed bases to the hospitality, medical and educational industries we also create custom bed bases for retailers across the country. Our beds are made for all types of needs and lifestyles, are easy to use, and contribute to a high-quality rest for their owners.