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Addressing Pressure Sores with USA Electric Adjustable Beds
January 31, 2023 at 5:00 AM

People who are bed bound for extended periods of time can experience an unpleasant condition known as pressure sores. While this is the most commonly known name for the condition, it can also be called bed sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus.

One popular treatment option for pressure sores in the USA is electric adjustable beds. These provide a range of motion that cuts out the source of the sores and provides a number of different benefits.

What are pressure sores?

If anyone is forced to spend prolonged periods of time in a bed, they can be susceptible to pressure sores. It's an injury that affects areas of the skin and underlying tissue that results from extended periods of sustained pressure on the skin.

The skin can become discolored, start to feel warm, spongy, or hard, and become itchy in the affected areas. The individuals most likely to experience pressure sores are those that have a condition that limits their ability to change positions while resting in bed.

What are USA electric adjustable beds?

One way to address the issue of pressure sores is through USA-made electric adjustable beds. These are beds that allow the person to adjust the bed itself rather than having to adjust their own positioning on the bed.

Oftentimes, the user can adjust the bed using an interface built into the bed itself or with a remote control. It allows people to change the bed's position mechanically, typically both the upper and lower body.

While that's the basic standard for USA electric adjustable beds, depending on the model you choose, it can come with any number of features. Additional features of some adjustable beds include allowing both sides of the mattress to be adjusted individually, having built-in nightlights, and offering massage units.

How do USA electric adjustable beds help with pressure sores?

Since the leading cause of pressure sores is extended periods of sustained pressure on the skin, the solution is to move around and relieve that pressure from time to time. That's not possible for people who are experiencing mobility issues, but the electric adjustable beds in the USA are a fantastic solution for that problem.

Electric adjustable beds allow the user to change the positioning of the bed, both on their upper torso and the lower half of the body. This simple motion helps to relieve pressure on the sores. They also provide elevation and support, which is helpful in improving circulation and speeding up the healing process. If your adjustable bed has a massage function built into it, then it's even better equipped to treat pressure sores. The massaging feature further improves blood circulation and can help reduce swelling.

Electric adjustable beds aren't just good at treating pressure sores, though. They can also help prevent future sores from forming. Doctors recommend changing position in bed every two hours to keep blood flowing in a healthy manner. For people who have mobility issues, that's not always possible. Adjustable beds make it easier to adjust your position and avoid the formation of sores.

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of USA electric adjustable beds.

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