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5 Tips for Creating Custom Beds
December 20, 2022 at 10:00 PM
The Juniper Room, Whisper Rock Ranch, Joshua Tree, California

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Custom beds are a luxury, handcrafted and specially designed for each customer. These beds meet the needs of their sleeper with unique sizing, design, style, and comfort ratings to suit specific tastes.

Rather than ordering an entirely bespoke bed frame and mattress, a custom bed can be achieved by purchasing specialized bed frames, mattresses, headboards, and bedding. Or, using an adjustable bed frame and specialized adjustable mattress, you can create your own custom bed at a fraction of the cost.

5 Essential Components Custom Beds

1. Frame

Choosing a bed frame is deceptively easy. Yet, it is the most overlooked, crucial part of designing custom beds. Customers can create custom beds using the traditionally available bed sizes: king, queen, full, and twin. When looking at frames, however, think outside the box. For example, consider bed frames with storage or decorative accents. An adjustable bed frame is an affordable luxury with the bonus of allowing customization for two sleepers in the same space.

2. Mattress

Once you have chosen a frame, it’s time to research your custom bed’s mattress. The mattress market has changed significantly recently, with new “mattress in a box” buying options and state-of-the-art mattress materials coming into vogue. Traditional mattresses are always available, as are custom toppers that can circulate cool water or provide extra firmness! Adjustable bed mattresses run the gamut from accommodating the preferences of both sleepers to being reinforced for larger sleepers. The only limit on custom bed mattresses is your imagination.

3. Pillows

Building custom beds with pillows is more than just throwing on some discount-shop scatter cushions and calling it a day. Pillow technology is neck-and-neck with mattress technology, and the results are life-changing. The world's “best” pillows can go for thousands of dollars and are bespoke, handmade wonders. If you don’t have a thousand bucks for hand-ticked masterpieces, there are plenty of options for every sleeper. Don’t forget – there’s no reason to limit yourself to head or neck pillows. Body pillows are no longer the exclusive companions of pregnant people and back-pain sufferers. They’re a great addition to any custom bed.

4. Bedding

Bedding can take custom beds to another level! Special linens made for adjustable beds are readily available. Sheets in every shape, size, and fabric make selecting your custom preferences a breeze. Don’t stop at linens, though. Consider adding a weighted blanket to your custom bed. Go a step further and throw on a large, chunky arm-knitted throw. Finally, spring for silk pillowcases, and enjoy benefits like a cleaner sleep surface and less-dry skin and hair.

5. Headboard

The final piece for sleepers building custom beds is the headboard. Some bed frames come with headboards, but if yours doesn't, get one. Headboards support your bed and protect the wall from abrasion, so you won’t want to skip out on picking one up. In addition, headboards can bring another element of personalization. Headboards can come with with reading lights, shelves, and even bedside tables.

Go Adjustable When Looking for Custom Beds

Adjustable beds are the best choice when you’re ready for a custom bed but don’t want to take the leap into fully bespoke construction. Not only do adjustable beds have many frame and size options, they offer the ultimate luxury: a customizable sleep solution for every night of your life. When you are ready to find a custom bed that checks every box, get in touch with the adjustable bed experts at Innova Sleep Systems. We will help you build the custom bed of your dreams, from frame to mattress and pillows to bedding.